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What machine translation can I use?

Cello Applications’s API offers machine translation solutions for commercial and government organizations. These solutions have been integrated with other products.

Get the gist

A frequently asked question is: "How accurate is it?" That is like asking "How accurate is your spell checker?" "Or how safe is your automobile?" The answer is: "As accurate as you want it to be depending on how much your budget is".

The range of Cello Applications’s accuracy is from a "get the gist" (or main meaning with many errors but very useful nonetheless) for "free quality") to highly intelligible with small error rates of zero to 10 per cent if customized micro-glossaries are used). A rapid-human post-editing option is available if publication accuracy is required for a rapid (1 minute to 1 hour turn-around time) but that may require paying 10 cents a word instead of less than 1 cent per word translated by machine.

There is also a value proposition having to do with (1) integration with email, SMS and instant messaging
(2) convenience of having it on your mobile phone, or tablet or
computer. and
(3) speed of 400 to 800 words per second.